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Michèle Guevara is a graphic designer, textile artist and jewellery designer. Her design process is informed by form and function, and her artistic expressions are driven by organic images inspired by nature. As a designer and artist, she pays close attention to detail, colour, texture and scale. Her practice spans from wearable art, to collaborations and most recently bigger scale installation pieces. She is always interested in learning new techniques to find creative ways to translate her ideas from paper to fibre. Lately integrating weaving into her artistic practice, with Frame, Jack Floor and TC2 Digital Jacquard looms, to not only design fabrics in the future but also create large scale pieces. Guevara has a Bachelor of Design from ProDiseño in Caracas, Venezuela. She has lived in Toronto, Canada since 2007.

Contact me for custom orders and collaborations or freelance design. Thank you for your interest in my work! ~michèle